Men’s water polo experiences coaching changes


Madilyn Sindelar

Coach Jon Norris leads dryland during men’s varsity water polo practice. Photo by Madilyn Sindelar.

All sports teams have their standouts, bench warmers and everyone in between, but what happens when one vital person is missing? The men’s JV and varsity water polo teams have the players, but are missing the coach.

For the past five years, Mr. Shawn Robin coached the men’s water polo teams, leading them to section play-offs. However, last year Robin knew it would be his last.

“I had a great time coaching and will definitely miss all the fun times, but at the beginning [of water polo season] I had a feeling [of retiring], but at the end of swim [season] I knew that I was not going to coach. I’m starting a family and need a little more time in my life than aquatics allows,” Robin said.

After the news of Robin’s departure, women’s water polo coach Mr. Zach Davis took on the task of finding a new men’s water polo coach. In July, Coach Jon Norris was hired and has previously coached the women’s teams at Mira Loma. However, Norris is stepping down to attend the sheriff academy. Once again, Davis is looking for a new coach to fill the vacancy.

“We’re currently searching for applicants to fill the position. We should have a new coach before Jon leaves in about two weeks. Jon will continue to coach the boys for now. And hopefully the transition to our new coach will be smooth for the program. Because this would have been Jon’s first year, it shouldn’t be too much of a difference when the new coach comes. For now Coach Norris is doing a great job of getting the boys in shape and teaching them to be disciplined,” Davis said.

Even though the team will have to readjust to a new coach the players remain optimistic.

“My reaction when I found out I was getting a new coach was excitement!  I love learning and the opportunity to learn new water polo strategies and techniques from a new coach is awesome. The team is strong, and we will adapt, improvise and overcome any obstacles we face this year.  On top of that the new coach brings experiences with other teams across the Sac region,” Isaac Pederson said.