P.E. students adjust to hybrid model


Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels.

Students are staying active with the hybrid schedule in place. Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels.

As new student Alyssa Lucchesi started her first year of P.E., it began with a few setbacks. In past years, students have always been able to dress out in the locker room, however, due to the pandemic, things are different.


“It is good to have the option to dress out or not but I think it would be better if we were allowed to change in the locker rooms rather than having to take turns changing in the bathrooms,” Lucchesi said.  


Even though students have to maintain six feet distance, they have figured out a way to continue their units.


“So far we have had one unit in the hybrid schedule [pickleball] and it lasted for about two weeks. It was a fun unit but I was happy it went by fast because it was very hot outside,” Lucchesi said.


With the new safety guidelines, teachers sanitize equipment before and after student use. Students are no longer able to share equipment with each other.

“My teacher, Mrs. [Rachel] Holm has been reminding us that the equipment has been wiped down before class. She periodically reminds us that as soon as you take the equipment you are not allowed to share it,” Lucchesi said.


Students have done most of their activities outside, including running, pickleball and badminton. The P.E. teachers try to keep the students outside and distanced from each other as much as possible to eliminate the risk of spreading germs.


“We have only been allowed in the gym once, and we had to keep our masks on at all times. We don’t go into the gym often because [teachers] are trying to keep us outside and not all together in one room if they can prevent it,” Lucchesi said.


When students are at home, they are still required to keep active and finish assignments.


“On the days that I don’t go to school, [I am] assigned to do workouts; such as cardio, legs and ab workouts. They are fairly easy assignments and I enjoy keeping active even when I’m not at school,” Lucchesi said.