Theatre IV hosts Lenaea Revue in theater following festival that occurred more than a month prior

As the spotlight beamed down on her, emotions evident as tears started to form from the shakiness of her voice, Michaela Leonor recited a self-written monologue in front of nearly 150 students and their teachers.

“I was hoping that it was a monologue that people could relate to I believe that anyone could relate to it because I’m sure that there are people out there who similarly struggle with not being able to be vulnerable with people that they love,” Leonor said.

Leonor’s mononlouge was the closing act of the Lenaea Revue March 30, which Theatre IV hosted in the theater during sixth period with a turnout of more than 150 students and their teachers. Theatre director Mr. Joshua Ansley organized the event, sending out invitations to teachers and students to showcase what the program been working on since the beginning of the school year. 

“It’s such a big event – we usually win some things from it and it’s such a great thing for the students. And then this year, maybe because of coming out of COVID, where we couldn’t do it before and people weren’t aware of it, but all of a sudden this year, broadcast and publications was doing stuff on it and they covered a lot, which was fantastic,” Ansley said.

The annual Lenaea Festival took place Feb 3-5 at the Harris Center at Folsom Lake College, where multiple performing arts programs from different high schools had the opportunity to perform, compete and be judged by professional judges. But the Lenaea Revue event was created to give the student body a chance to watch the Theatre IV performances without having to pay the festival fees and the more professional atmosphere of the actual festival.