Throughout the first week of May, students recognize teachers through gifts, performances and cards for Teacher Appreciation Week

In the amphitheater during the LTA May 3, Mrs. Jenny Armas and her TA, Ava Kopec, were tested on how well they knew each other against two other teacher-student pairs. Voice of Whitney Cam Cole asked each pair to answer how many years their teacher has been working. All three pairs answered incorrectly. Photo by Francheska Pontillas

From a performance by a student rapper to handwritten cards by leadership, staff members had a dedicated Teacher Appreciation week from May 1-5. 

“Most of the time [students] don’t appreciate their teachers enough,” leadership student Ange Nguyen said. “I appreciate [Mrs. Erin Johnson] because she pushes her students to pay attention and her strict nature motivates me to work harder.”

During the LTA May 3, three teacher-student pairs competed to determine which pair knew each other best. After, Soundcloud rapper Jess Vicuna, also known as Gooey Baby, performed a self-written song dedicated to the teachers.

“Two weeks prior to performing, I was asked by a [student] from leadership if I could perform for the LTA, in which I excitedly [accepted],” Vicuna said. “I tried to structure the song in a way where it was based off my experience, and how we wouldn’t be where we are if [our] teachers hadn’t helped us.”

To end the week, parent volunteers organized a taco bar and raffle to conclude their celebrations. From PAWS to lunch, teachers were able to help themselves to personalized tacos, eating together at tables provided for them. Once the teachers were finished dining, they were able to head over to the teacher’s lounge to look for their gifts that were granted from WHS families.

“I had a lot of wishes because I teach mindfulness so I ordered a lot for different types of seating arrangements like blow up seating and stuff,” Mrs. Emilie Cavolt said. “I got watercolors and pencils, paper to paint on and coloring books. I got a lot of really cool things for my students.”