Denver Selfie Museum showcases Suicide Prevention Awareness in interactive form

With Suicide Prevention Week beginning through an assembly Sept. 9, other states are showcasing the importance to recognizing individuals’ struggles in various ways.

Opened Sept. 6, Denver’s first Selfie Museum was made to the public in the basement location of Market Street. With three days of admission, plans of bringing this museum to areas like New York, Seattle and other popular cities have been scheduled. Four Whitney High Student Media editors got to experience the Selfie Museum after wrapping up the Jostens Creativity Workshop. 

The purpose of this museum is to provide a happy place for everyone to enjoy. Co-owner Alex Kurylin was inspired to bring an artistic museum to Denver as he was viewing other museums in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

The museum features different exhibitions such as a mirrored room, angel wings, giant props and an art piece of a smiley face on top of 130 red dots. With the murals designed by local artists and creative director/art member Brooke Anderson, the museum hid the suicide prevention significance in a specific mural. 

“Brooke Anderson did a few murals for us. Anderson created [the mural] to commemorate her friend who almost committed suicide. She brought him here to take pictures and have a lot of fun, then decided to come up with a mural for the museum,” Kurylin said. 

Anderson intentionally placed a total of 130 red dots in the mural as a hidden message.

“Suicide happens every day in the United States [and so] there are 130 red dots for each attempt,” Anderson said.

On campus, leadership’s Student Life Committee has been planning its own suicide prevention program. 

“The theme of the week is ‘Tomorrow needs you.’ [The Student Life Committee] hopes that this will remind students that they are wanted, and loved and are needed. To make this week special, we got a bunch of turquoise and purple ribbons to put it all over the campus as well as signs and posters. On Thursday, we planned a morning walk to spread awareness of suicide and the first 150 people there get stickers,” Kailee Hamilton said.

The assembly will take place based on grade level, Sept. 9 beginning with juniors first block.