Boys’ tennis team creates an official Instagram account


Whitney tennis team’s Instagram post.

Before boys’ tennis season officially started, the team created an Instagram account called @whitneyhightennis. They use the new account to post pictures of the team along with quotes and a recap of how the team is doing.

“I can’t actually say who runs the Whitney High tennis account, because we kind of think of it like Batman. It’s like how he’s the hero Gotham deserves and not the one that it needs. He’s the silent guardian and the watchful protector. That’s our tennis account, it’s the account that Whitney doesn’t know it needs,” team captain Kia Azar said.

Co-captain Dillon Garces feels the team has done well this year.

“We wanted to get out that the team was actually really good. My favorite part [of the posts are] the quotes and captions,” Garces said.

Azar’s favorite part about the account is being able to have tennis players recognized.

“A lot of times tennis doesn’t get recognition directly from school and even on the tennis team, the people that play the farther courts — they don’t really get a lot of recognition. Being able to take photos of them and putting them on Instagram makes it look really epic to give [the players] the recognition that they deserve,” Azar said.

Player Austin Lee feels that their team trust helps with posting inspirational quotes.

“All greater teams have Instagram accounts with inspirational quotes and financial planning and forefront leadership. It’s kind of like an inside joke, only the team knows who’s posting so there’s a lot of jokes of the poster promoting himself, but no one else knows,” Lee said.

The team also has goals for the account such as gaining 1000 followers. For Lee, he likes the tennis team’s good photos but believes they need more variety.

“It gets kind of boring having pictures of the same court. So we need to renovate the court space comment on our Instagram to give us ideas and how to renovate our tennis court and also give us money,” Lee said.

The tennis team’s next home game is April 16 at 4 p.m. at home against Roseville.