NorCal championship prepares swimmers for upcoming meets


Whitney swimmers prepare at high school practice. Photo by Ava Jeung.

With the women’s varsity swim team coming in sixth, and the men’s varsity swim team coming in tenth, the Wildcats ended NorCal Championships in sixth place out of 15 high schools.

On April 8 and 9, NorCal Championships took place. This is a swim meet where all high schools in the area, send their qualifying swimmers to compete against each other.

The Wildcats went into the meet with high hopes.

We would love to finish in the Top 5. We will be competing against the toughest teams in the area such as GB and Woodcreek,” women’s varsity Coach Ms. Kari Ustaszewski said.

Starting at this meet, the women’s team is now focusing on their events that will score the most points in the next meets.

“This is kind of a Mock Sections meet. We are starting to now focus on what each girl will be swimming at league championships and sections,” Ustaszewski said.

The purpose of this meet was to get all swimmers ready for important upcoming meets, like League Championships and Sectionals.

“This meet prepares swimmers for upcoming meets because it is a trials and finals meet, over two days. This is just like the other important meets in the upcoming season,” Megan Green said.

The men’s varsity team started to specialize in their events to help prepare them.

“This meet helps swimmers see where they are at compared to other high school swimmers, what events they should be focusing on, and what they need to fix on their stroke,” Dakota Loew-Garrelts said.

With the meet lasting two days, Friday the swimmers compete to make the top 24 places so they can swim again Saturday. The top 24 swimmers get to swim again against the fastest competition.

“This meet is really helpful because it helps the team see the people they should be working to beat at the next meets,” Niki Morgan said.

The Wildcats plan to continue training and racing in order to prepare them for league championships at Roseville High School and sections at Tokay High School.