Fans show spirit despite 27-14 Quarry Bowl loss to Rocklin

Despite the 27-14 loss to Rocklin, students participated in the 10th annual Quarry Bowl festivities Sept. 20 at home. From the tailgate at 5:30 to the students storming the field to celebrate their team after the loss, the student body was full of energy all night long. During the game, performances were made by cheer, dance team, and marching band. Both Whitney and Rocklin’s marching bands, cheer and dance teams performed during halftime. This year, the game against Rocklin doubled as the football team’s first league game of the year. Even though they lost their league home opener, the team is ready to adapt and make changes to ensure future victories. 

“The spirit shown in the morning rally, at school, and at the game was awesome. As a team, we love the support and felt that on Friday. For the rest of the league, we need to have a short memory. We need to put our losses behind us and take each game one at a time. As long as we do what we know we can, and execute what we have been coached to do, the results we want will come,” Zach Schreiner said.